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Chargent Apex API is a payment processing solution that helps businesses accept and process payments online.


There are six resources involved in Chargent Apex API requests to the ActionService class.

           Object           Definition
Chargent OrderChargent Orders contain information related to the order such as billing information, total amount, due balance, and charge amount. They are central objects to payments lifecycle management.
Payment GatewayPayment Gateways track all the configuration settings that Chargent will use to proccess the payments and send requests to the gateway.
Payment MethodPayment Methods are items that may be used to make or take payment.
TokenTokens are the strings used to represent the payment instrument account details at the gateway or other payment service provider. Payment tokens replace sensitive payment account data with a different data called a “token” and the token strings cannot be decrypted.
Chargent TransactionTransactions record the results of the requests made to the payment gateway on the Chargent Order. Transactions are also used to make additional requests in the payments lifecycle.
LogThe Chargent Log object retains the history of actions taken in Chargent.

Payments Lifecycle

Businesses have many different needs for payment processing workflows. The general sequence of operations to create a successful payment Sale operation includes the following five steps:

  1. Create Payment Gateway
  2. Create Payment Method
  3. Create Chargent Order
  4. Create Payment Authorization
  5. Create Payment Capture

Many varitions on this workflow exist, and this sequence may also be followed with additional operations, such as Void and Refund. Additionally, a Sale operation combines an Authorization and Capture into a single payment operation.