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Chargent Custom Checkout provides developers with a solution to implement their own custom checkout UI while leveraging Chargent payment processing in a seamless way. Custom Checkout is composed of a Javascript library and a Lightning Web Component. The library will help in the rendering of the form, according to the provided styles and fields, and the LWC will help in the execution of supported Chargent Transaction teyps. It is important to understand the two components of Custom Checkout in order to implement a checkout solution.

Supported Features

  • Validation of all card inputs data
  • Will show all the Countries and States (States for US Only)
  • Allow UI/UX Modification
  • Allow CSS fields Styling
  • Show Errors on invalid Values
  • Allow default input values
  • Generate the payload for making order updates and charges

Feature Compatibility

Chargent Custom Checkout is compatible with Smart Payment Routing and Strong Customer Authentication.