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Getting Started

Let's discover Chargent APIs in under 15 minutes.

Getting Started

Get started by Installing Chargent in a Salesforce Sandbox with Chargent Package Installation Manager.

Or try Chargent immediately with AppExchange Test Drive.


  • Salesforce® Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer editions:
    • When installing Chargent, you are recommended to test in a Sandbox or Developer org, see requirements.
  • Merchant account with a Payment Gateway. Learn more about partner Payment Gateways.
    • When developing and testing Chargent, you are recommended to use a Payment Gateway sandbox or test environment. The Live environment is where real payments will get processed.
  • Chargent Platform Edition or above. Learn more about Chargent Pricing.

Chargent APIs

There are multiple types of Chargent APIs.

             Type             Definition
RESTThis is a pro code solution that involves developing REST API client client code. Use this solution to build your own customized integration to Chargent payments on Salesforce using any web development, ecommerce, or ERP solution.
ApexThis is a pro code solution to access Chargent API functionality using the Salesforce Apex programming language. Use this solution to code payments into any application on the Salesforce platform.
FlowThis is a low code solution to access Chargent API functionality using Salesforce Flow Builder. Use this solution to create business process automation without code on the Salesforce platform.
Custom CheckoutThis is front-end library for creating Lightning Web Components or VisualForce pages that calls Chargent on the Salesforce platform. Use this solution to build your custom checkout experience on a Salesforce Community.

Chargent API Features

  • Multi-Gateway Tokenization will tokenize payment data across multiple gateways, allowing for flexible and redundant payment processing workflow automations.
  • Smart Payment Routing enables your to send payments to different gateways based on your custom logic using Salesforce Lightning Flow.
  • Headless requests support ISV Partners and SI Consultants that would like to integrate with Chargent, with limited use of the Chargent data model.
  • Custom Checkout enables you to create a pixel perfect checkout experience for your customers.

Learn more about the latest Chargent Features.