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Welcome to the Chargent Payments API Documentation


Thank you for choosing Chargent Payments API, a powerful and versatile solution built on top of the Salesforce platform. This comprehensive documentation is designed to guide developers through the seamless integration of our API into their applications, enabling efficient management of accounts receivable payments.

Key Features

Salesforce Integration: Our API is tightly integrated with Salesforce, providing a unified platform for managing accounts receivable within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Multiple Interfaces: The API supports three interfaces—REST, Flow, and Apex—offering flexibility and ease of integration to meet diverse developer needs.

Multiple Interfaces

  1. REST API - Our RESTful API allows developers to interact with the Accounts Receivable Payments system using standard HTTPS methods. This interface is ideal for building scalable and secure integrations across various platforms and programming languages. Detailed endpoints, request/response examples, and authentication mechanisms are documented to streamline your development process. Learn more about REST API.
  2. Flow Integration - For developers who prefer a low-code approach, our Flow interface simplifies the integration process. Leverage the power of Salesforce Flow to design automated, visual workflows that seamlessly connect with the Chargent Payments API. Explore the step-by-step guide, use cases, and examples to unlock the full potential of this integration. Learn more about Flow Integration
  3. Apex Development - For maximum customization and control, developers can utilize the Apex programming language to integrate the Chargent Payments API directly into their Salesforce applications. The Apex interface offers programmatic access to the API's functionality, enabling developers to tailor solutions to specific business requirements. Learn more about Apex Development.

Getting Started

Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to the Salesforce ecosystem, our documentation provides clear and comprehensive guidance to facilitate a smooth integration process. Follow the step-by-step tutorials, explore code samples, and refer to the API reference documentation to quickly get up to speed.

Support and Feedback

We are committed to providing a seamless integration experience. If you have questions, encounter issues, or simply want to provide feedback, our support team is here to assist you. Visit our Support Center for resources and contact information.

Thank you for choosing Chargent Payments API. Let's build innovative and efficient payment solutions together!