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Smart Payment Routing


Smart Payment Routing enables merchants to dynamically control where to send a transaction based on process automation using Lightning Flow. For each transaction, a merchant created flow is run to determine the payment gateway based on business rules evaluated within the flow. This customizable flow provides merchants with the flexibility to determine where to route the payment based in the payment data and business process rules that have been defined in the flow.

REST API Support

Smart Payment Routing is compatible with both Payment Method Multi-Gateway Tokenization, and Headless features using the REST API.

Note: When Smart Payment Routing is activated and the Chargent-PaymentRouting header is included with the request, Create Payment Method Multiple Gateway Tokenization will be overridden and behave as Create Payment Method. In this scenario, with more than one gateway in the request body, the payment method that is being created will only be tokenized with the gateway that Smart Payment Routing logic determines.