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Status Codes and Error Responses

The Chargent API combines two levels of Status Codes and Error Responses into a single common response. The first level of response is from the Chargent interface you are using to make API requests. The second level of response is from the Gateway, and there are more details in the body of the response.

When a response is successfully or when an error occurs, Chargent will return a repsonse code, along with more detailed information.

Status CodeDescription
200Chargent recieved the request. There may be a Chargent Error or a Gateway Error returned. Check the message body for more details.
201Chargent recieved the request and created records as a result. There may still be a Gateway Error retured. Check the message body for more details.
400A Validation Error has occurred with the request that was sent.
500An unexpected system error has occurred.

An indication the request was not sent to the gateway is returned in an error response body with the following error types:


An indication that the request to the gateway was not successful is return in the error response body using the following error type:


When a payment gateway returns an success or error reponse, the reponse codes and message details returned in the request body are specific to that gateway.

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