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Chargent Order Unlinked Refund


An unlinked refund transaction may be used to apply a refund to a credit card without a prior transaction.



  1. The payment gateway must support credit card unlinked refunds without a prior transaction.
  2. The Gateway Setup Wizard advanced settings must be used to connfigure the payment gateway.
  3. A Chargent Order must be created with the Charge Amount field set to the amount to refund to the credit card.
  4. A Payment Method with credit card type must be related to the Chargent Order.


There are multiple prerequisite resources that must be created before requesting an unlinked refund.

           Object           Definition
Chargent OrderChargent Orders are central objects to payments lifecycle management.
Payment MethodPayment Methods are instruments that may be used to make or take payment.

Create Chargent Order Unlinked Refund

Flow Action

Action NameLabelCategory
apex-ChargentBase_FlowPaymentsUnlinkedRefundsChargent Payments Unlinked RefundsChargent Payments

Flow Method

Method NameInputInput TypeOutputOutput Type

RefundInput Properties

orderIdStringThe Order ID to apply the Unlinked Refund.
amountDoubleThe amount to refund to the Chargent Order.

RefundOutput Properties

statusBooleanSuccess or failure status for the payment refund action.
messageStringThe detailed message for the result of the payment refund action.
transactionIdStringThe transaction ID associated with refund to the Chargent Order.

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