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Payment Authorization Reversal


Payment Authorization Reversal will reversal the full amount of a previous Payment Authorization transaction.


There is one prerequisite resource that must be created before requesting a payment reversal.

           Object           Definition
Chargent TransactionTransactions record the results of the requests made to the payment gateway on the Chargent Order. Transactions are also used to make additional requests in the payments lifecycle.

Create Payment Authorization Reversal

Flow Action

Action NameLabelCategory
apex-ChargentBase_FlowPaymentsReversalsChargent Payments ReversalsChargent Payments

Flow Method

Method NameInputInput TypeOutputOutput Type

ReversalOutput Properties

statusBooleanSuccess or failure status for the payment reversal action.
messageStringThe detailed message for the result of the payment reversal action.
transactionIdStringThe transaction ID associated with reversal to the Chargent Order.

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