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Payment Authorization


A payment authorization results in a hold on funds on future payment. Authorizations are for payment methods with credit card type only.

Prerequisite Resources

There are multiple prerequisite resources depending on the call method that must be created before requesting a payment authorization.

           Object           Definition
AccountSalesforce standard Account object.
Chargent OrderChargent Orders are central objects to payments lifecycle management.
Payment MethodPayment Methods are instruments that may be used to make or take payment.
Payment GatewayPayment Gateways track all the configuration settings that Chargent will use to proccess the payments and send requests to the gateway.

Create Payment Authorization

Flow Action

Action NameLabelCategory
apex-ChargentBase_FlowPaymentsAuthorizationsChargent Payments AuthorizationsChargent Payments

Flow Method

Method NameInputInput TypeOutputOutput Type

AuthorizationInput Properties

chargentOrderIdStringObject ID for the Chargent Order.
chargentPaymentMethodIdStringObject ID for the Chargent Payment Method.
amountStringThe amount of the Authorization.
nickNameStringThe customer facing alternate name for the payment method.
companyNameStringThe billing company name.
cityStringThe billing address city.
countryStringThe billing address country.
postalcodeStringThe billing address postal code.
stateStringThe billing address state.
streetStringThe billing address street.
phoneStringThe billing contact phone.
emailStringThe billing contact email.
paymentMethodStringThe type of payment method Credit Card or Bank Account.
paymentGatewayIdStringObject ID for the payment gateway record.
multipleTokenizationBooleanTokenize across one or more than one gateways.
paymentGatewayIdsStringComma separated list of payment gateway IDs.
cardHolderFirstNameStringThe credit card holder first name.
cardHolderLastNameStringThe credit card holder last name.
cardNumberStringThe credit card number.
cardTypeStringThe credit card type: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, MC Eurocard, UK Maestro, JCB Card, or Diners Card.
cvvStringThe card security code.
expiryMonthStringThe card expiration month.
expiryYearStringThe card expiration year.
bankAccountHolderFirstNameStringThe bank account holder first name.
bankAccountHolderLastNameStringThe bank account holder last name.
bankInstitutionNameStringThe bank institution name.
routingNumberStringThe bank account routing number.
bankAccountNumberStringThe bank account number.
bankAccountTypeStringThe type of the bank account: Checking, Savings, or Business Checking.
headlessBooleanSend the request to the payment gateway and do not store the results in Salesforce.

AuthorizationOutput Properties

statusBooleanSuccess or failure status for the payment method tokenization action.
messageStringThe detailed message for the result of the payment method tokenization action.
transactionIdStringThe transaction ID associated with refund to the Chargent Order.
tokenStringThe token used for the authorization.
authorizationCodeStringThe authorization code returned from the gateway.

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