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Chargent merchants often have multiple business cases to route payments to a different payment gateway, or multiple MIDs with the same payment gateway. This business need evolves as the organization changes. With Smart Payment Routing merchants can control where to send a transaction based on dynamic routing rules defined in a Lightning Flow.

Smart Payment Routing Diagram

To start using Smart Payment Routing create and configure the Flow Template and activate the feature using the Payment Routing Wizard.

Note: Payment Console and the Chargent Order action buttons are not supported.


Before we start, you need to have the following prerequisites:

  1. Salesforce Enterprise or Performance / Unlimited Edition
  2. Merchant account with at least 1 of our partner gateways
  3. Chargent installation and Smart Payment Routing feature enabled
  4. An active Autolaunched Flow with the required variables for Smart Payment Routing logic